The eyeXpress® helps in the relief of:

  • helps against aqueous tear-deficient dry eye
  • improves the stability of tear composition
  • aids in liquefying the meibum
  • helps with meibomian gland expression
  • improves tear film breakup time


The eyeXpress® is a Class 1 (exempt), FDA cleared, therapeutic device that has opened up a new affordable way to treat dry eye and eye fatigue. Through the patented goggle system, the device provides uniform, constant, regulated, heat to the entire surface of the upper and lower lids. The eyeXpress® increases the tear film and aids in the eye hydrating itself. Providing a regulated temperature. The eyeXpress® softens the meibum and aids in meibomian gland expression and offers relief to the patient.

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Client Reviews


I have been using the eyeXpress device since summer 2015. Thus far, I have been very impressed with the results. The unit requires minimal technical support. My technician applies the mask to the patient and then leaves the room. Typically, I treat patients for fifteen minutes. Following treatment, either my technician or I may massage the lids to express meibum.

I use the device on patients with dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Thus far, my patients have been very pleased with the treatment.

Most patients will undergo repeated treatments every 2-4 weeks for 3-4 sessions. Following this series of treatments, patients may elect to undergo further sessions at any time. This can easily be done within the flow of my clinic, as my technician is providing the treatment.

Due to the affordable price of the device, the charge to the patient can be reasonable. At this price point, my patients are very comfortable with the idea of undergoing occasional “touch-ups” if their symptoms return.

eyeXpress has changed the way I treat dry eye disease. Having a therapeutic device that can apply controlled heat to the lid margins can be critical to stabilize the tear film compromised by lid margin disease.

Kenneth Beckman, MD
eyeXpress® Medical Director

Dr John Murrell, MD

I have been running the eyeXpress® for several months and my practice has launched into a new direction. I have treated more than two hundred patients with the eyeXpress® and have seen phenomenal results. Traditionally December through February is slow for me but I am at capacity doing treatments and follow-up maintenance. The device has opened up a whole new revenue stream for my business and I am helping more patients than ever, who suffer from dry eye, have long lasting relief. The treatment is simple, relaxing, and affordable. Now that I have the eyeXpress® I could not imagine my practice without it.

I really believe that the eyeXpress® can be the first treatment offered to a patient with a F/U. The eyeXpress® may exceed your expectations and can be the only treatment that you will need for your patient with MGD & dry eyes. So far all of the patients I treatment have shown improvement.

The eyeXpress® unit was designed for dry eye therapy but now we are breaking into new areas of therapy and treatment. The eyeXpress® is being used for treating stye, chalazion, hordeoleum and other meibomian gland dysfunctions. We are also seeing it used for preoperative tuneups for cataract surgery by helping prevent dry eye and during post operative treatments to help prevent dry eye, styes and chalazions.


Dr John Murrell, MD

Our Mission

It is our goal to provide an affordable, reliable, therapeutic device that, has repeatable results. We have created that in the eyeXpress. Doctors are successfully treating MGD, dry eye, styes, chalazions, hordeolums and other meibomian gland dysfunctions. Patients are getting the relief they are seeking with the eyeXpress®.

The eyeXpress® eye hydration and dry eye therapy system provides therapeutic relief for dry eye and eye strain. It is an affordable hands free device developed for in-office therapy to relieve symptoms of dry eye while assisting eye hydration. Our unique independently controlled goggle system applies continuous, controlled heat to the upper and lower eyelid at the same time. The eyeXpress® treats both eyes simultaneously saving time for both the patient and technician.


Before eyeXpress Treatment
Before eyeXpress Treatment

In this exam, we took pictures of a patient’s eye with level 2 classification and an average break up time of 5.37 seconds.

After eyeXpress Treatment
After eyeXpress Treatment

We treated this patient for 15 minutes using the eyeXpress system and the results we outstanding. The patient felt immediate relief after the treatment. Within a few hours of treatment, we tested the patients eyes again and the average tear film break up jumped to an amazing 15.46 seconds at a level zero.



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